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Yesterday's Shennanigans

I was hoping the rain would hold up for my plan to have a small tea-party/movie time in the park, but as soon as my friend and I, dressed in our Lolita regalia, reached the park and started putting down a blanket, the rain decided to come down. Not having much of a plan B to fall back on, we contemplated where we could take our portable DVD player to watch the movie we had brought along, Last Quarter. At this point, my Loli-interested friend, who lives across from the park, had spotted us and came over to see what we were up to. The three of us decided that we would make plans over Bubble Tea at Mama's, where we could also re-charge the portable DVD player ^_^;.
I had some delicious strawberry/chocolate bubble tea, while my friend Hillary had Taro, and Enya had plain Strawberry. After some debating(and much sipping), we decided to head to another, quieter coffee shop where we knew we would be able to watch the movie without many interruptions. Taking our lunch and pastries in tow, we headed to the dim lighting of Flying Saucers, where Enya departed out company and, whilst eating our New York mini strawberry/chocolate cheesecakes and vegetarian samosas,  we began watching Last Quarter, a movie I have been dying to watch (I am a huge Ai Yazawa fan!!)
I am so pleased with this movie. I absolutely loved the concept of it and the visuals. I'll have to buy it as soon as possible, and hopefully get my hands on the original Japanese manga.


So, even though the rain absolutely poured for the rest of the day, I had a great time. My Metamorphose dress and entire white outfit got so many compliments from people all around town. It made me very happy to know people enjoy my fashion taste and look forward to seeing what I will wear next.

I am also very excited about my Angelic Pretty classic black dress, which I will have in a couple weeks. Counting down until it arrives!<3

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